sagging eyelids


sagging eyelids

sagging eyelids:

sagging eyelids is a big problem for all  of people such as older or younger people.
you looking older and may also lead to eye
diseases and aye sight deterioration.
sagging eyelids problem is common for child,younger,and
older person. i have shered some good ideas about how to protect for sagging
eyelids at home.we can do easily at home.
It is very helpful remedies, it gives instant result.
you just try at home and get instant results.

1. Use eggs white:

 sagging eyelids
If you apply egg whites then the skin of your eyelids is
properly clean. and dry, apply a small amount of egg
white of them, wait until it’s dry. then wash it off with
cool water.
you’ll be able to see good results instant.
it gives younger look.
if you use daily basis then definitely your
body looking younger and fresh.
and eggs is giving more benefits for health.

2. Use ice:

sagging eyelids
To protect sagging eyelids problem with the help
of ice. sagging eyelids problem you can apply
ice cubes to theeyelids and you will see an effect in a
very short time and gives instant results.
if you use ice daily, for 1 month definitely you see an
effect in a very short time.
it is easy to control the sagging of your eyelids.
if you follow proper way.

3. Use grapes in daily diet:

 sagging eyelids
If you use grapes in daily in the time of morning or
you can also use after breakfast.
the important role of grapes is its easy control of sagging
eyelids problem. i mean to say that you should be use
in daily diet. and if you use in daily diet its gives
instant result.
grapes contain element that prevent or slow the
cellular aging process.
so, don’t neglect them add them to your daily diet
to make yourself look younger.

4. Use cucumber in diet:

 sagging eyelids
use cucumber in daily diet in one month, first of all
you put two child cucumber slice over your eyes, for 15-20 mints,
remove the slices and enjoy your fresh and its gives glowing skin.
it’s a very well-know remedy and it really works.
because cucumber are rich in caffeic acid and
ascorbic acid that easily reduce inflammation and
tighten your skin.
it gives glowing skin.

5. Do proper exercise:

if you do exercise in proper way then your sagging eyelids
problem will solved. first of all, close your eyes and
place your index finger across each eyelid. lift your
elbows. when you count to 5,try to open your eyes
with some pressure still applied.
repeat it 10 times. it gives very good result.

6. proper sleeping:

If you don’t sleep proper way then your mind will
going in stressed andyour eye will be tired.
this will increase sagging.
so, to avoid it you have to go to bed earlier. and
if you sleep more or in proper way then you feel
proper sleeping is more important for over all

7. Use chamomile tea bags on your eyes:

 sagging eyelids
Chamomile tea bags help treat sagging eyelids After you make yourself a chamomile tea, cool
down two bags and place them on your eyes for
15-20 minutes. if you put the tea bags in the fridge
beforehand, you’ll get a very pleasant cooling effect,
as well and it gives good results.

8. Use rose water:

In its liquid from rose water can be used in
Proper way in eye and has been shown to have
excellent benefits for people with eye problem.
it also solved sagging eyelids problem.
                                                                                                 thank you



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