How wild turmeric and yellow turmeric both are gives more benefits


How wild turmeric and yellow turmeric both are gives more benefits.

What is wild turmeric? (curcuma aromatica)

How wild turmeric and yellow turmeric both are gives more benefits.

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How Wild turmeric and yellow turmeric both are gives more benefits! because wild turmeric is mostly used in cosmetic perposes and yellow turmeric is mostly used in medicine perposes. this is the difference between wild turmeric and yellow turmeric.
it is also know as wild turmeric or musk turmeric.
A portion of the nearby names are ‘vana haridra’, kasturi manjal.
in the curcuma family, it is the second most common species
cultivated for its rhizomes. this species is rich in volatile oil
Few of the major compound are alpha-curcumene, d-camphor,
alpha, and beta-turmerone.
Identified in the oil where: 1,8-cineol, isofurano-germacrene,
borneol, isoborneol, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene etc.

Health benefits of wild turmeric

1. Wild turmeric has good source of antioxidant

wild turmeric has good source of antioxidant with the
help of alcoholic extract.
of antioxidant. C aromatica has a lower concentration
of curcuminoids, which are amazing antioxidants.
it possesses antioxidant activity.
They scavenge chemically reactive species that could
cause oxodative damage.

2. Wild turmeric has anti-inflammatory and wound

healing property

volatile oil of wild turmeric is easy to exhibits anti-
inflammatory property.
volatile oil of wild turmeric is easy to reduce
inflammation and swelling in experimental models.
powdered rhizome of wild turmeric shows excellent
wound healing properties.
wild turmeric oil exhibits anti-inflammatory property.
wild turmeric past are support for the household
remedy of applying turmeric past over cuts and injuries.

3. wild turmeric has anticancer property

Wild turmeric prevents growth of cancerous cell in
colon cancer.
wild turmeric oil also protect in case of cancerous cell.
wild turmeric has as a novel chemopreventive agent in glioma.
(cancer of nervous system tissue)
wild turmeric oil is also protect in case of liver cancer.
it improves antioxidant defenses and reduce oxidative
stress in order to protect from skin cancer.

4. Other benefits of wild turmeric

Wild turmeric has  other health benefits.
wild turmeric has biological properties such as
Anti-platelet activity, anti-bacterial property,
mosquito repellent activity, antitussive or cough
expectorant and anti-nephrotoxic activity.
it also prevents toxicity of kidney.
wild turmeric is given more benefits for aver all health.
and both biological properties is protect for health.
and it gives more benefits for health.

What is yellow turmeric (curcuma longa)

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India produced maximum of the world’s turmeric crop
and consume 80% of it.
yellow turmeric are highly used in india
Turmeric powder is prepared from the rhizome which
is dull yellowish in colour and orange on the inside
the pharacological properties are attributed to a number
of chemical components present in turmeric.
Turmeric oleoresin is obtained by organic solvent
extraction of cured curcuma rhizomes followed
by evaporation. it consists mainly  of the volatile
oils and also a certain extent of curcuminoids.

Apart from bioactive molecules, the rhizome contains
60%, carbohydrates, 8% protein, 5%, minerals, at least
5% essential oils, vitamins and about 1-2% resin.

1. Yellow turmeric reduce inflammation

Yellow turmeric has anti-inflammatory agent. it acts
against the inflammatory chemicals and it easy to
reduce the activity of proteins that influence
inflammatory process.
turmeric also work well for arthritis.
yellow turmeric also effective as a complementary
therapy for osteoarthritis.
Turmeric also helps in reducing postoperative
inflammation and fever.
if u used  yellow turmeric  in milk it easy to reduce
fever and gives more benefits for health.

2.Turmeric has antioxidant power

Turmeric has best pharmacological property.
and its also has antioxidant power.
its antioxidant power is comparable or even
better then vitamin C and E.turmeric extract
increases the level of antioxidant
enzymes and scavenges agents that cause
oxidative stress. turmeric oil also possesses
antioxidative activity.
it is also work in case of liver diseases, and
atherosclerosis etc.

3. Yellow turmeric helps in cancer therapy

Turmeric acts against cancer in many ways
1. chemopreventive agent parsent in turmeric.
and it acts against first stage of cancer.
2. Anti-tumor parsent in turmeric. it easy to kill
cancerous cells.
3. chemosensitizing parsent in turmeric. it easy to
sensitizes cancerous cells. and its gives more benefits
against cancer.
4. turmeric is also protects the normal cells from
side effect of chemotherapeutic drugs.
and it gives positive results in case of colon cancer,
prostate cancer, breast cancer.
and it also protect in case of brain health, dipression
and anxiety., H.pylori infection.

4. Turmeric protect inorganic diseases

Turmerics is mostly used in medical department.
Turmeric is also protect many inorganic diseases
such as,
kidney related diseases, Infectious conditions
Heart related diseases – dysfunction, atherosclerosis
Skin diseases – scabies, acne.
it also protect in case of peptic ulcer, and H.pylori infection.
Turmeric also protect in case of brain health.
it also protect in case of fever and it gives more benefits for
overall health.

Difference between yellow turmeric and wild turmeric

Yellow Turmeric

1. It has bright orange or yellow.
2. it has a spicy  taste.
3. It has lower % of essential oils.
4. It is mostly used in medicinal purposes

Wild turmeric

1. It has a an off white or mild yellow.
2. It has a bitter taste.
3. It has high % of essential oils such as 5% of the herb.
4. It is mostly used in cosmetic purposes.


If you trust on Pharmacological properties then your target
to used turmeric for conditions such as diabetes, cancer,
brain health, reduce fever, and heart diseases etc.
If you used in daily in diet it can improve your immune
system and overall health.

Thank you


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