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Benefits of capsicum (Shimla Mirch) for overall good health.

1. Increases the metabolic rate
2. Helps protect skin
3.make healthy heart
4. Anti-cancer Benefits
5. Immune System
6. Make a natural hair
7. source of vitamin B6
8. Protect for eyesight
9. Iron Deficiency
10. benefits of capsicum

 capsicum benefits for health.This plant comes in variants of yellow, green, and red colours.

If you used in proper way then it’s gives more healthy body.
It is also help in cancer and arthritis.
Other common names used for capsicum are bell pepper, and Mexican
chillies. And it’s give more benefits if you consumed in
Proper way. It also help in eyesight, especially
In night vision. And it is also help in weight loss.
And it is also protect in skin issues….etc.

1. Increases the metabolic rate

It is easy to increases metabolic rate with the help of red bell peppers.
Which is more responsible for increasing the hotness of other peppers is
found very small Amount.
its  increase the metabolism without increase heart rate and its help
to weight loss.

2.Help protect skin (looking younger)

Vitamin C  is persent in Red, green and yellow bell peppers which
helps in the making of collage. collage keep the skin smooth and protect
the cells from  damage. its help the skin to fight
against oxidative damage. bell peppers juice makes the  healthy skin.

3. Make  healthy heart

lycopene are present in Red bell appears and make them excellent
for healthy heart. bell peppers contain vitamin B6 and which help to
lower homocysteine levels. red bell pappers has vitamins A and C.
you try to used fresh red bell pappers because it is more excellent
for healthy heart.

4.Anti cancer Benefits

The powerful enzymes in bell pepper help to prevent gastric cancer.
Bell peppers provides several anti-cancer benefits.the risk of cancer
increases due to chronic excessive inflammation and the enzymes
in bell pepper help to prevent gastric cancer.

5. Immune system

Vitamin C is also parsent in red bell appears vital for good
maintaining a healthy immune system and make a collagen.
and it’s protect healthy
Skin. And lowering the risk of arthritis. and
It is important role for developing strong bones.
The main role of Vitamin K is in the formation of blood clots.

6. Make natural hair growth

Blonde-haired Woman Standing Between Green Plants
Natural Silicon is persent in Green bell peppe,
which may support healthy hair. boil a few
dry red bell peppers in water and leave it for 5 to 6 minutes.
after cooling it.
massage it on your scalp with the help of a cotton pad and
leave it for 15 minutes.
then wash off the hair. this should be done twice a
week for best results.

7. More source of vitamin B6

The main important role of Vitamin B6 is formation of red
blood cells in body.
This the most common type of Vitamin B6 and
It is work as a formation of red blood cells.
And vitamin K1 is also work as a blood clotting
And bone health.

8. Protect for eyes

Person Blue Eyes Photography

If you use in proper way then it gives good results. I mean to say
that it is directly protect healthy eyesight, especially in case of
night vision.
With the help of vitamin A, red bell peppers help to support healthy
eyesight, especially night vision.
It’s also work on  age related visual loss. But if you use regular
basis then it’s work better especially In eyesight.

9. Iron Deficiency

The main role of Red bell peppers are it’s  provide almost 300% of the
daily vitamin C requarment.
vitamin C is essential for the proper absoption of iron. thus, tose
suffering from iron deficiency shouid consume red peppers.

10. Benefits of Capsaicin

capsicum benefits For health.
capsaicin is work proper in the case of lowering
Cholesterol levels.and it’s work proper if you use in proper way.
and it’s also found in the white membranes of peppers which is responsible for
imparting heat to the seeds as well. it lowers the cholestrol levels.
it kills the ulcer causing bacteria in the stomach and boosts immunity.

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